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My Story

It started with a  simple idea

These custom-designed pens, and other collectable items, have been created by Cynthia Howell as part of her personal therapy to deal with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). 

Following countless years of medical treatment and prescription drugs, which often left her unable to function, Cynthia decided to try an alternative treatment (Medical Cannabis). While on this new medical path Cynthia attended a PTSD retreat in Nova Scotia where she learned her craft and then continued it at home as a way to help deal with her own demons. 

Wanting to have a means of supporting herself, (while also  raising awareness about (C)PTSD and Medical Cannabis), Cynthia became more interested in all aspects of creating these unique items and has grown her business. Each item is custom-designed and made by Cynthia, often based on a request or a purpose specific to her customer's interests.

Here’s a small selection of what we’ve been working on...

More Information...

For more information on Belmont Custom Pens and Collectables, please contact me...

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